How to Know a Crypto Project That will Return 50x or 100x of Your Investment

How to Know a Crypto Project to buy for 50x or 100x Return on Investment

Are you looking for a 50x or 100x return on investment in Cryptocurrency?

Do you want to make massive gains from the money you invested in crypto?

Are you searching for a way to know a good project to invest in?

I have good you covered in this article as I am gonna show you how to know a very good team behind a crypto project that will give you 50x or 100x return on investment.

Having talked about tokenomics being what you should look out for before investing in any cryptocurrency project, the next important factor to look out for is the team behind the crypto project.

I’m sure some of you may be surprised why tokenomics is coming before the team on the list of things to look for in a project for a good return on investment.
The thing is, I can tell a good project and a scam project in less than 2minutes, and one thing that reveals a lot about a project is the tokenomics and team behaviour towards the project.
When you buy a coin and plan to hold long-term, what you are actually doing is that you are investing in a business and trusting the people behind that business to make you profitable.
So before you pull the trigger, know who you are entrusting with your money. Take some time to research the team,
See if they are seasoned businessmen or people just trying to build something for the first time.
It’s not bad if you invest in people building for the first time…. But just check their track records and read a little about their journey in the space.
The goal is to build confidence because the road to the top is not smooth. Even solid projects dump at one point or the other.
You need the confidence to hold through the storm and DCA.
If you bought AXS at $11 and it dumped to $2, without confidence in the project and the team, you would have exited or panic sells immediately you see a recovery.
How to Know a Good Team Behind a Crypto Project
But as a general rule, avoid the ‘Moonboys’ team.
Here is what I mean,
In September last year, around the time I bought URUS, I also bought PKR token.
On the PKR community, someone asked the usual question “When moon?’
The moderator(a team member) replied, “Soon, we’ll moon for sure’.
On the URUS community, during an AMA, someone asked the same question and the CEO replied, “Well, we can’t guarantee the URUS token is going to pump, but you can see what happened the last time we launched our marketing. This is our plan for the future…. So the token can potentially fly. But again, we don’t guarantee anything and we don’t speculate on price.’
After this, I sold my PKR immediately and bought more URUS.
The reason is simple. No one knows for sure.
As a business person, you know sometimes, the things you least expect to succeed end up being your biggest winners.
Having a huge marketing budget doesn’t guarantee success. Even Google and Facebook launch products that fail.
When a team is telling you their coin is going to pump for sure, it’s a red flag.
It shows overconfidence.
Overconfidence makes you not pay attention to details and it leads to failure.
True, every project wants its token to pump. They do all they can to make it pump so that investors can be happy and they can be profitable too.
But I prefer when the team just lets me see the potential of what they are building and lets me do the price speculation myself.
Let me be the one screaming, this project can do 20x, 50x blah blah blah and not the team.
When a team starts saying, “We’re going to do 20x, 10x, they attract people who are mostly interested in short-term gains – The Moonboys. Such projects can dump really bad after the initial buzz.
You should perform thorough research on any project you wanna invest heavily in or you want to hold for a long term. Unless you are looking for 50x or 100x return of your investment in one of these Meme tokens that do launch every day in the crypto market.

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