Zinari Finance: Utilizing Blockchain to solve problems

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Zinari Finance is an African-founded technology company that uses the Blockchain to provide corporate solutions in Africa. The company has so far launched its flagship token, Zinari (ZINA) a payments token that serves as a global monetary serve and Zinax, a Decentralized Finance platform that enables seamless Staking, Locks, NFT minting, Social token creation, Play2Earn competitions and DeFi Lending. Zinax is governed by ZinaX Token, a Dentralized Online Association that solves these issues.. The aim of Zinax is to use DeFi to revolutionize funding and finance operations, for organizations in the developing economies of the world.

Zinax is the Defi platform which enables Zinari holders to stake tokens. Over $1M worth of tokens have been staked on the platform, since its launch in November. The project so far has an impressive cumulative community of over 100,000 crypto traders. 

The company was founded by two Nigerian brothers, Michael and Hope Bernard and the aim is to enable African businesses to build global businesses using the Blockchain. The startup is 100% bootstrapped and has seen growth in its community and holders on a 50% MoM. 


Today, most African importers and tech startups still find it difficult to make international payments to employees, suppliers, and even investors outside their country. Most existing platforms only allow freelancers to receive money from developed countries, but very few allow businesses to send it out. Zinari’s plan is to bridge the gap by using crypto routes to make outbound payments. Zinari provides a faster and low-cost alternative to money transfer platforms by using blockchain rails and a decentralized network of ramps to run monetary transfers for you. 

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For more context, a mini importer in Nigeria will be able to use the Zinari platform to send money to China by converting his Bitcoin to Chinese Yuan on the Zinari platform. You can also collect international payments by issuing a crypto invoice, or integrating the Zinari Crypto Payment Gateway to your e-commerce website. The crypto goes directly into your wallet, with zero commissions charged.

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  • Ability to receive instant payments with no paperwork, using crypto rails.
  • Easy sourcing of FX for BDCs, retailers, corporations and individuals in countries with fiscal issues
  • Crypto to FX ramp that enables you make payments anywhere in the world
  • Military-grade encrypted hybrid wallet that provides you security from hackers and phishing attacks
  • Extra features for corporates like loans, cards, virtual accounts and wallets.

There’s more to come in the future (ZINAX)

Zinari Finance would launch its NFT Solution, using the Zinax platform by January 2022. These NFTs would be the first Liquidity Backed NFT to be ever launched in the world. 

The NFTs would have a treasury backing it, and holders would be able to convert the NFTs instantly to money, without having to look for buyers on marketplaces. These NFTs are touted to be the future currency of the metaverse, and Zinari plans to ensure its holders don’t miss out on it.

Zinax use cases

  • Fan tokens

Musicians and creatives can mint a token using Zinax for their fans. The fans buy into the project and trend the token. They make money from the rise in prices and can use funds generated to fund charitable causes. You can also mint an NFT Collection using ZINAX

  • Staking
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Users can stake tokens or NFTs in return for tokens of projects they love. Staking is the crypto lingua for fixed deposit savings. 

  • High Yield Mining

If you are looking for High Yield Investing, you can use the Mining section of the Zinax platform. You invest in Liquidity Pool tokens and earn fees from people who are buying and selling the token. Also, you can stake the LP Tokens to get rewards.

  • Voting

Zinax offers you the chance to effect changes on the network. You can raise proposals and have the community vote towards it. Also, you can create a voting contract for your own project and have your community take a vote there, using the blockchain

  • Startup fundraising: Tech startups can use ZINAX to raise funds instead of equity. All you have to do is to mint a token on Zinax and create a crowdpool for your users. You can get us to promote it using the Zinax Accelerator.
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