Bitcoin trades below $40,000 as Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization falls below $2 trillion

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It is a pool of blood in the cryptocurrency space whilst the cryptocurrency market capitalization falls below $2 trillion to currently stand at $1.96 trillion as of the time of the writing, in accordance with Coinmarketcap. This decline is consequently of flagship cryptocurrency asset, Bitcoin, falling below the $40,000 critical support zone.

Data from Coinglass reveals that  $209.62 million worth of longs have already been liquidated since Bitcoin descended below the $40,000 zone. This figure is anticipated to go higher if Bitcoin continues its descent into the $30,000 zone.

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The crash is consequently of the strength in the dollar index (DXY), which is really a way of measuring the effectiveness of the United States dollar. The DXY has begun the trading week, up 0.46%, reversing every one of the losses it made following the Non-Farm Payroll report performed significantly less than expected.

What you should know

As of the time of the writing, Bitcoin is down over 15% within the last seven days. Altcoins, as you’d expect, are feeling heat, as most of the utmost effective 10 are down 20% or more. Ether, the native token of the Ethereum blockchain happens to be trading below the $3,000 trading range, down 23% within the last 7 days.

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Data from Glass Nodes reveals that weekly on-chain exchange flow, a full used to gauge the movement of Bitcoin from exchanges to private wallets and vice versa, suggesting the web accumulation or sales of the token, reveals a poor exchange flow of approximately $250 million. What this means is $250 million worth of Bitcoin was flourished exchanges, suggesting demand for BTC.

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Year-to-Date, Bitcoin happens to be down over 16%. Investors can look towards Wednesday, where in actuality the United States’inflation data will soon be released to obtain a sense of the direction the whole cryptocurrency space is heading. BTC trades $39,700 as of the time of the writing.

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